fine art photographer
It is really a fluke that I am here at all. My parents are both survivors of the Holocaust. My mother, at the age of nine, was successfully hidden in the Hungarian forest by the Red Cross to avoid dying in a concentration camp. My father managed to survive two Nazi concentration camps before being liberated by American GIs in 1945.
I was born in Budapest, Hungary. When I was a young child my family escaped Communist persecution during  the Hungarian Revolution, my father carrying me upon his back while escaping to freedom in neighboring Austria.
The likelihood of my being born at all, of my being here today, is so slight that I know I have a purpose: spreading joy and light. And I express that purpose most faithfully in my photography.
I have lived in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Budapest, and Italy over time, each place and culture adding color to my photographic palette. I am a lover of light and have a insatiable curiosity for mystery and the enchanting. It is my only guide as I continue to work through exploration and experimentation with form, color and the sensual.

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