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Recent Projects: The Wild Grasses of Prefumo Canyon Road

Living on the edge of a wild area, close to a creek, dry at this time because of a 3 year draught, the sounds and look of the place changing everyday. Subtle seasonal transformation everywhere your eyes can focus. The poison oak is red at this time and I can easily keep away from it. I walk down in the dry creek bed, discovering remnants of wild animals strewn across the way. Extra large Sycamore leaves crunching under my feet, I could not sneak up an anything. I hear rustling and then breathing and heavy movement, deer and wild turkeys thirsty looking for a place where water comes up from the ground. They stop and look at me from a distance, not afraid, proud to be alive.

# # # #
small wild flower
grass lit up
wild grass leaf
grasses in blurred close up
dried grass in and out of focus


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